Located fifteen minutes north of I-240, and ten minutes west of Highway 51, Shelby Forest is convenient to the major arteries of the Mid-South.

Situated across the street from Jeter K-8 school, of greater importance is the fact that the store sits between the front and rear entrances of Meeman-Shelby State Park. With nearly 13,000 acres of canopied woods, ‘Shelby Forest’ is year after year the most heavily trafficked park of all 53 parks in the Tennessee State Park system, boasting an excess of 1.5 million visitors annually.

When combined with Eagle Lake Refuge connecting the south of Shelby Forest, the two together offer a majestic outdoor sanctuary. There is nowhere else in North America, for that matter the entire world, where you can find over 18,000 acres of canopied hardwood forest only 15 minutes from the downtown of an SMSA with over half a million population, all bordered to the west by the Mighty Mississippi. Deer, turkey, otter, beaver, fox, bobcat, rabbit, and squirrel are plentiful throughout the forest. This pristine area is a favorite for bird watchers, offering over 200 species of songbirds, waterfowl, shorebirds, and birds of prey, including the American Bald Eagle.

We have been described as ‘a real-deal Mom and Pop.’ She is more nurturing and doting, while he is clearly having way too much fun being a spontaneous smart-aleck. The incessant cutting up and sense of humor is infectious and refreshing

Most definitely well worth the however-far-out-of-the-way-you-need-to-go to add the Shelby Forest General Store experience to your bucket list.  We’re certain you will find the store is a refreshing and pleasant reminder that there is an alternative to the cookie-cutter corporate chain option at the opposite end of the spectrum.